Embroidery for the Holidays

It can be hard to find a unique gift for everyone on your shopping list. But it’s easier than you think to show someone you care! Embroidered gifts show you’re giving them something thoughtful and unique, but also practical. Gone are the days of buying candles for everyone. Visit us here at Greco Graphics for all your holiday embroidery needs.

For the Athletes

Athletic wear is meant to be embroidered! From personalized jerseys to jackets, we can stitch team names, player names, and even numbers into any apparel you can think of. In addition to personalization, you can stitch team logos as well! Here at Greco Graphics, we have the machinery and advanced technology to take even complicated images and stitch them perfectly onto the item of your choice.

For the Homeowners

Your home is uniquely yours. A house’s inhabitants can make every design choice, from curtains to paint color. If you have a new homeowner on your list, try gifting them something for their home. Decor can be an excellent choice, but only if you know exactly what they like. Embroidered items, like towels or bathrobes, are items that are always welcome. You won’t have to worry about getting something they already have, and it’ll be unique and personalized!

For the Superfan

If you thought athletes liked team apparel, you haven’t met a Superfan. Whether it’s professional football or little league baseball, show your biggest fan how much you care with team apparel just for them! We have lots of local logos to choose from, or just bring us your own. Our machinery will color match almost any digital image you can find.

Here at Greco Graphics, we’re dedicated to delivering quality, original apparel and embroidery that everyone on your list is sure to love. This holiday season, consider supporting a local business and give something unique with our embroidered items.