Best Promotional Products of 2018

Custom made promotional products of all kinds can be beneficial for your organization. They may seem small, and sometimes unnecessary, they are great for brand recognition and getting people familiar with your company. For example, have you ever noticed how many car companies “sponsor” commercial free hours on the radio? The executives at the car company don’t think people will buy from them just because of this, but maybe they’ll remember their name when it’s time to buy a car. The same is true for promotional products. It’s unlikely a potential client will think “hey, they gave me this cool pen, I’ll go to them.” But they’ll probably remember your name when they’re in the market.


With the shift away from single-use plastic, using reusable bags as a promotional item almost guarantees it won’t end up in the bottom of someone’s suitcase or the trash. Whether you choose something heavy like canvas or stick to cotton, consumers can never have enough bags. And especially now that more and more people are taking them shopping to forgo single-use plastic, you can never have enough.


Do you want something that will force the recipient to see the name of your organization every day for a whole year? Calendars are a good choice because they’re something that consumers wouldn’t buy on their own. Since people have digital calendars right in their pocket, most don’t want to shell out money to put one on the wall. But if they get one for free from your organization, they’ll probably make use of it.


Similar to calendars, nobody ever actually buys magnets, you accumulate them. But think about it. As long as the magnet makes it home, it will most likely end up on the fridge. And if most people eat three (or more) times a day, in addition to how many times you open the fridge to stare inside and then close it again, you’re getting a lot of visibility. Additionally, it’s easy to put your mission or contact information on it so people can learn a little more about you.


The purpose of promotional products like those above is not always to convince people that you are the ideal organization – although you can try – but to make them aware of your business. Letting them know you’re out there gives you a leg up on other companies within your industry. For more information about our services, including custom embroidery and screenprinting, visit our contact page here to see all the ways you can get in touch with a professional here at Greco Graphics.