Five Reasons Why Yard Signs Are Effective

screen printing in MAScreen printing is fantastic because there are so many products you can gain from it. Greco Graphics is proud to be one of the best places for screen printing in MA, and we recently started offering custom yard signs and banners. They’re a unique and cool item to have, plus they’re very effective.



1.) Visibility

When you put a yard sign up, people are going to notice it. It’s a self-explanatory item and draws the attention of the passerby who drives by in vehicles. A yard sign can bring plenty of business to your company just because it’s obvious and easy to find.


2.) Largeness

In addition to their placement, part of what makes a yard sign so efficient is the size. Though you can purchase average or small sized yard signs, people usually go for larger options that showcase plenty of information. They can get seen from far away and will implore people to find out more information.


3.) Non-permanence

When you use screen printing in MA for a t-shirt or hoodie, you have that item for a long time if you take enough care of it. However, you can quickly discard yards or banners. Once their purpose gets fulfilled, you can remove them, making it easier to manage.


4.) Customization

You won’t find a much bigger surface to customize than a banner or yard sign. There is plenty of room for customization and design work, so have at it and present Greco Graphics with ideas we can bring to life!


5.) Portability

If you want to move your sign, it’s not a stressful ordeal. It’s easy to transport a sign or banner from Point A to Point B, which is always useful and very practical.



Yard signs and banners are useful, exciting ways to advertise. For quality screen printing in MA that provides flags and more, contact Greco Graphics. Give us a call at (978)-663-9122 and see what we can do for you today!