How To Make The Most of Screen Printing

screen printing in BostonSometimes, we invest in something great and get very excited about it. Who can blame us if service is excellent? Screen printing is a well-known area of expertise for Greco Graphics, and we fulfill orders all the time. While we enjoy providing t-shirts or hoodies, we encourage our customers to use screen printing in Boston to think outside the box! Here are some tips to get the most out of working with us and screen distribution in general.



Have quantities set aside

You want to be sure that you’ll get every item in all of the sizes you’ll need when you place an order. One of the best things about screen printing is the ability to order as much or as little as you need, but we need accurate quantities and to be informed of any changes. It’s always easier when your order gets set in stone beforehand.


Buy unique products

Who said you could only own tees and baseball caps? You can go all out when screen printing in Boston if you order through us. We provide unique promotional products like pens, banners, and flags that bring a fun element to advertising your logo or celebrating team spirit. Since we’re experts, we can give you products you’ve never seen before.


Use a trusted source

We stress that only professional screen printers should give you what you need. It takes plenty of experience, discipline, and management to sufficiently fill orders and make customers happy. Always count on Greco Graphics to provide top quality product on time and with the best effort put forward possible.



If you have a nickname or want to add something else personal to your screen printed goods, you should get embroidery stitched onto your items. It offers a personal touch that makes your gear look like something that belongs to only you. Adding your flair to clothing makes it even more special.



When you get ready to invest in screen printing in Boston, you want to make sure the experience is excellent. With Greco Graphics, it always will be. Give us a call at (978)-663-9122 and see what we can do for you today!