Trophies for Summer Camp Activities

Summer camp season is now in full swing and children across the country are already participating in a variety of activities, including competitive sports. Winning a prize is a great way to memorialize the summer camp experience, and a trophy is one of the best rewards you can give. Are you considering giving away summer […]

Promoting Your Summer Event in Boston

Summer is Right Around the Corner! It may not feel like it yet, but the summer festival season is just around the corner. If you’re hosting an event in Boston this summer, you’re probably looking for ideas to promote it. Embroidery in Boston is as trendy as ever, and products with your event logo can […]

Screen Printing in Boston: Town Merchandise

The largest city in Massachusetts, Boston, hosts many tourists every year.  A city with a deep history, superior food, and strong sports pride, Boston offers numerous reasons for people to visit. With millions coming into the city each year, screen printing in Boston is an essential source of revenue.  Providing visitors and locals with merchandise […]

Screen Printing for Sports Leagues

A year-round event, sports leagues, and teams, are everywhere.  From the spring through the winter, there is always a league to join, or a team to be part of.  An integral part of the team is the uniform.  Utilizing screen printing in Boston, MA ensures your team to stand out from the rest.  Promotional products […]

The History of Screen Printing

We have all seen materials that promote a particular business.  But have you ever stopped to think about the process of getting the company name or logo onto the product? Whether it be a polo shirt or backpack, screen printing in MA is a favorite go-to for business advertising.  Screen printing is a method of […]

Spring Gear for Your Employees

With the New England winter coming to an end spring fever is setting in.  Whether it be your home or office space, opening the windows and letting in the air is much welcomed.  The fresh spring air brings a sense of renewal and revival for many.  The same feeling we get when someone gives us […]

Embroidery for the Holidays

It can be hard to find a unique gift for everyone on your shopping list. But it’s easier than you think to show someone you care! Embroidered gifts show you’re giving them something thoughtful and unique, but also practical. Gone are the days of buying candles for everyone. Visit us here at Greco Graphics for […]

The Significance of a Trophy

Trophies and awards, in general, have been a hot topic in the news lately. People argue that giving trophies to all kids – not just the winners – can have a negative impact because it becomes less “special.” But is this the case? Maybe, but there are a lot of confounding factors here, and we […]

Embroidery FAQ

The process of embroidery can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with it. We get a lot of questions about the actual process, but also how you go about getting a piece embroidered. Read on to see if we answer some of your questions, and feel free to visit our contact page and send us […]

Best Promotional Products of 2018

Custom made promotional products of all kinds can be beneficial for your organization. They may seem small, and sometimes unnecessary, they are great for brand recognition and getting people familiar with your company. For example, have you ever noticed how many car companies “sponsor” commercial free hours on the radio? The executives at the car […]