Screen Printing for Sports Leagues

screen printing boston maA year-round event, sports leagues, and teams, are everywhere.  From the spring through the winter, there is always a league to join, or a team to be part of.  An integral part of the team is the uniform.  Utilizing screen printing in Boston, MA ensures your team to stand out from the rest.  Promotional products are also an excellent way to generate interest among people who may not have otherwise known of your league.  Greco Graphics is a full-service screen printing company that dominates the industry.  Consider these benefits before giving them a call for your team’s needs.

Team Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an essential element with most leagues.  Whether it is the local little league team or the Wednesday night bowling league, having a dedicated sponsor keeps your league going.  With the promise of a prominent, well-crafted logo your sponsors are guaranteed a wearable marketing solution for their company at each game.  Thus, obtaining sponsors for your league will be an easier task since there is a return in it for them.

Uniformed Look

Although most teams offer a uniform of some sort, not all do.  Consider matching gear for your team.  This will create a sense of unity among the players.  Further, once the sense of unity is among the players, teamwork will be second nature.  Whether you prefer t-shirts, baseball caps, or jackets, Greco Graphics covers all of your screen printing needs.  Working within your budget there is sure to be a solution for your league.

Team Spirit

Every team comes with fans.  Further your team spirit by incorporating your fans into your promotional product order.  If your league is indoors at a hockey rink or outdoors during fall ball, consider the sale of a fleece blanket.  Perhaps an umbrella is more in line with the many rainy days that your league succumbs to.  Whatever the case may be, there is a perfect solution to offer your fans.  Not only will this have your fans feeling like they are part of the family, but it will also generate extra income for the league. 


If you are in need of custom screen printing in Boston, MA or surrounding areas, contact Greco Graphics.  With thirty years of experience, the professionals at Greco Graphics know how to get your job done on time and with accuracy.  Be sure to make your sports league stand out from the rest with superior screen printing and promotional products.  Contact the experts at Greco Graphics today to start your season off on the right foot (978) 663-9122.