Spring Gear for Your Employees

boston embroideryWith the New England winter coming to an end spring fever is setting in.  Whether it be your home or office space, opening the windows and letting in the air is much welcomed.  The fresh spring air brings a sense of renewal and revival for many.  The same feeling we get when someone gives us a gift, or we try on a new outfit.  Spring is the prime-time of year to hand out logo wear for your employees.  Dedicated to helping your team, Greco Graphics can help with all of your Boston Embroidery needs.


Feeling appreciated is key to keeping your staff motivated and on-track. If handing out company apparel can boost morale and team spirit, then why not?  Thanking your employees with the simplest of things can speak volumes.  Greco Graphics offers products from t-shirts to umbrellas.  Whatever you imagine, we can make it happen.

Uniformed Look

Not only are your employees feeling refreshed with their new gear, but your company now looks unified.  Sporting new polos and t-shirts there’s a sense of team going around!  So when clients come into the office on their next visit, not only will they see a unified group, they’ll feel it in the air as well.


Every business owner knows how imperative it is to advertise.  With customized logo wear and accessories, you’re able to get to people you may have never crossed paths.  Pens seem to be the most common way to advertise, so how about taking it to the next step? Backpacks are a fantastic way to show appreciation and promote your company at the same time.  While your employees are walking into the office, they’re sporting your logo for all the cars driving by.

Providing a quick turn-around, Greco Graphics is here for your next Boston Embroidery logo wear needs.  With the ability to reproduce any logo, or create one for you, email us today for a quote.