The History of Boston Embroidery

Although many people consider embroidery mere little embellishments on material, there is more than meets the eye. These embellishments not only have a rich history behind them, but they are excellent ways to drive revenue and sales for your business. Here at Greco Graphics, we’ve been creating Boston embroidery products since 1988. As one of the most trusted names in the region, here are a few facts about the industry’s history.


The Beginnings

Embroidery is a broad term for various forms of embellishments. Around since the beginning man has produced fabric, embroidery is a craft that is known across the globe. However, the origin is believed to have started in China and the Near East. It was in the 19th century that artworks such as tapestries and stitched linens were brought to the West by the East India Company.


Cultural Diversity

  • The word “embroidery” stems from the French word “broderie,” meaning embellishment.
  • Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings show embroidered clothing, hangings, and other belongings.
  • 6th and 7th century Greek vase paintings depict men at war in quilted suits covered in embroidery work.
  • The earliest physical samples of embroidery date back to the 9th century during the Viking Age of Sweden.
  • The most famous Chinese examples are those of imperial silk robes of the Ch’ing dynasty.
  • European communities embraced the art within the Christian Church.
  • Embroidery was used in early history to document the stories of war and cultural happenings.
  • During the 19th century, embroidery became a craft of upper-class women who often created motifs of plants and flowers.
  • Hangings featuring proverbs and scripture grew in popularity during the 20th


Modern-day Boston Embroidery

In today’s world, embroidery is used across the city as a method of promotion. From business logos to team names, city merchandise to little league gear, embroidery is everywhere.


Now that you’re prepared for the next trivia night with friends and family remember who helped you win your game, Greco Graphics! From fun fact Friday to increasing business promotion, our team has your needs covered with our superior Boston embroidery services. For more information, give our experts a call at (978) 663-9122.