The Significance of a Trophy

Trophies and awards, in general, have been a hot topic in the news lately. People argue that giving trophies to all kids – not just the winners – can have a negative impact because it becomes less “special.” But is this the case? Maybe, but there are a lot of confounding factors here, and we can’t be sure. All we know here at Greco Graphics is that trophies are a great way to remember an event or an accomplishment, and accomplishment doesn’t always mean winning.

A Little Trophy History

The word trophy itself comes from the Greek word “tropaion” which refers to the property, arms, human captives, and even body parts captured during battle. It evolved to refer mainly to trophies of war, and the taking of body parts became outdated and frowned upon (thankfully). “Tropaion” originally came from a word meaning “to defeat” but evolved to mean “to alter.”

Shift in Mentality

As we said above, trophies were awarded initially (or collected) during war, but eventually branched out into the world of athletics. The dictionary definition today is two-fold: it’s regarded as a symbol of victory, but also of success. Of course, it’s a victory to finish your sport’s season in first place, but it can also be a success to finish the season in some cases. It’s nice to find happiness and to celebrate the little victories.

The Nitty Gritty

In the beginning, sports trophies were traditionally made of wood or metal. Today’s trophies are primarily made from marble and plastic resins and can be transformed into a variety of shapes, designs, and action figures. We offer bowls and “cups” for championship trophies, as well as more individualized ones with athletic figures on top. Of course, we can customize these trophies to your liking.

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