Trophies for Summer Camp Activities

Summer camp season is now in full swing and children across the country are already participating in a variety of activities, including competitive sports. Winning a prize is a great way to memorialize the summer camp experience, and a trophy is one of the best rewards you can give. Are you considering giving away summer camp trophies in MA this year?

Activity Ideas

It is essential to include a variety of activities into your summer camp curriculum, designed to meet the needs of all the children in attendance. Some children will prefer quieter, non-competitive activities such as painting or crafting, and others will want to compete for prizes.

Building in events where children can compete for prizes is a great way to add some fun to your day. Competitive sports and scavenger hunts are easy activities to work into the day, but some of the most memorable games are the unique ones. You could arrange a game of water balloon volleyball, or Hound and Hunter. Maybe even a camp-wide cooking competition, like who can make the tallest s’more without having it fall apart. There are lots of different ideas to pull from on the internet, or you can come up with some of your own.

What About Prizes? trophies MA

The prizes you offer for competitive events can be whatever you want them to be. You could offer a chance to pick the next activity, or an extra serving of dessert at dinner. But a prize that you can take home is always going to be superior to an award that the recipient forgets as quickly as it is received. Nothing compares to going home with something to show to mom or dad at the end of camp, after all.

And who doesn’t enjoy winning a trophy? Trophies can come in all shapes and sizes, so you can pick a design that truly represents the competition that the little champion has won. Proud parents can display a trophy prominently in their home as a daily reminder of the honor, and a reminder of how amazing your camp was. Thus, the prize benefits the future of your camp while also making your campers happy.

A One Stop Shop for Trophies and More

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