Why Screen Printing in Boston is a Great Idea

Are you planning to promote your business or an event using shirts or some other promotional printed product? If so, you may be wondering about the different types of printing options that are available. Screen printing is an option that can be very beneficial as a means for completing your project. As a premier company providing screen printing in Boston, we want to share an overview of what screen printing is and its advantages. 

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of forcing ink or metal onto a surface through a screen using a squeegee. A blocking material that keeps the ink from passing through where it isn’t wanted is used to turn the screens into stencils. Since the printer uses one screen for each color, which means it is vital for the person operating the printer to line up the stencils and colors properly ahead of time. 

screen printing BostonWhat is Screen Printing Used For?

Screen printing is best for projects where a design needs multiple reproductions. It is best for designs that don’t have numerous colors because the ink is thick, and each color needs to have its own screen. While it isn’t unheard of for a screen printing designs to have more, designs are typically limited to two or three colors.

What Are the Advantages of Screen Printing?

Screen printing produces very bright and vivid colors that are hard to create with other printing techniques. The way the inks layer onto the material gives it a pleasant tactile quality as well that many people find pleasing. Screen printing can also be done on almost any flat surface, making it more versatile than other printing options. It is an economical option, especially for projects with multiple reproductions.

Is Screen Printing Durable?

Screen printing designs are very durable. This is another one of the advantages of the process over other forms of printing. The printer needs to ensure the ink sets properly, or it can affect the durability of the design. But colors that have adequately cured will last for years and years.

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